Black Lives Matter protest; Manchester. Source: Getty Images.

Protests and riots have erupted across the world demanding recognition for a simple message; Black Lives Matter. We have seen similar tragedies, similar protests and similar hashtags. This time, the eruption of public fervour is during a global pandemic which is disproportionately killing members of the BAME community.


Eton College; Currently the 6th most expensive school in the UK.

The Tory government is attempting to repeat its reckless handling of care homes. This time, with Britain’s schools, suggesting some might reopen by June 1st. The Department of Education’s chief scientific adviser admits he hasn’t assessed school reopening guidance. Unions and local councils are loudly disregarding the governments advice. The…

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is a unique entity. He is known globally not always for his politics but for his cartoon personality. He has carefully presented himself as an absurd caricature of an Englishman with the erudite charm of Oscar Wilde and the social awareness of Oscar Pistorius. Through…

Toby Zeidler

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